Leo Laporte - Womanizing PERVERT and CON-MAN

the poisonous, corrupt, arrogant, evil, perverted, womanizing, abusive, bone-idle, bitter,
90's TV has-been and bare-faced liar that has become the aging Leo Laporte…
The Poisonous Leo Laporte


Podcasting's BIGGEST #Schmuck
The above image is Leo Laporte's disgracefully unprofessional response
when a member of his audience, greatly concerned about the number of children
who watch the TWiT network, suggested that Leo Laporte should stop making
so many inappropriate, sexually explicit remarks on air.


Help get delusional douchebag-in-denial, Leo Laporte,
kicked off the radio once and for all. Details here!

The size of his sickening, bloated arrogance is matched only by the size of his ever-expanding stomach
as he gorges himself day after day on the ridiculously massive quantities of food
that he demands his slaves constantly fetch him.

Lisa Laporte - Gold-Digging Whore
"How To Bag The CEO Role" by Lisa Kentzell.


His gluttony is now actively encouraged by his loathsome, greedy, gold-digging, home-wrecking
#nympho mistress (aka "Yoko") after she secured her financial future (her single, true goal all along)
by taking out several multi-million dollar life insurance policies on the fat pig.

He pisses away hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on new cars, new homes,
and luxury holidays just to keep the little gold-digger interested in him,
while his employees admit to being forced to obtain their clothes from good-will.

He demands that his employees kiss his huge, enormous butt at all times because,
by his own admission, that's what he had to resort to doing in his youth.
Anyone who doesn't comply is instantly fired.

Any employee who becomes popular enough to be a threat to Leo Laporte,
is quickly silenced. Horrifically, in one case, permanently.

He believes that interns are his own personal slaves.

One of Leo Laporte's many countless pathetic public tantrums.
One of Leo Laporte's many countless pathetic public tantrums.


Burning up with resentment, jealousy and undisguised hatred, as well as being constantly immature
and childish in the extreme, Leo Laporte holds countless petty little grudges for years
against companies, his contemporaries and former colleagues that he's screwed over.

Is there no end to this piece of shit and his childish, immature, unprofessional behavior?
Is there no end to this piece of shit and his childish, immature, unprofessional behavior?


He regularly describes himself as overworked, despite actually working just a few hours a day,
more than happy to let his staff continue to do all the real work while, all the time,
his nymphomaniac, gold-digging mistress bleeds TWiT dry.

With no regard for his staff, audience or fellow hosts,
the obese glutton and fat tub of guts eventually waddles into work constantly late every day.

He continues to style himself as "The Tech Guy" but, disillusioned with technology and desperate to retire,
his crappy radio show now just consists of him reading out Google search results and chat room responses.

Brought up on a sexual harassment charges in his previous job,
sexual predator, Leo Laporte, continues to behave disgracefully towards his female members of staff.

Is this REALLY the sort of person you want to have associated with your products???
Audible? Carbonite? FreshBooks? Gazelle? NatureBox? SquareSpace?
Is this REALLY the sort of person you want to have associated with your products???


Leo Laporte Dick Pic
Leo Laporte accidentally revealing his perverted photo collection
on the TWiT live stream - May 24, 2015.
The picture on the right is his gold-digging #whore in bed.
The picture on the left is the only remaining thing that motivates Leo Laporte these days.


He thinks it is perfectly acceptable to tell blatant lies in the countless ads he does for crappy products.

Astonishingly conceited, he labels everyone who questions his unprofessional, abusive behavior as a "troll."

Leo Laporte doesn't limit himself to offending just his audience.
Leo Laporte doesn't limit himself to offending just his audience.


Completely delusional in everything that he does, says, or believes in,
Leo Laporte is convinced that if he repeats the same bullshit often enough,
his audience will believe it.

He turns a blind-eye to his unfit-for-purpose chat-room moderator losers who get their kicks
and try to scrape meaning to their pointless, parent's-basement-living-lives
by abusing members of the public in the chat-room.
"Our chat mods are true heroes," claims lying scumbag and delusional #schmuck, Leo Laporte,
who turns a blind eye to this sort of thing, carried out in his name, every single day:

<Steve> Why are the mods kicking people for no reason?
  Dan has kicked Steve from #twitlive (is this a reason?)

Because they don't directly fund his ridiculous, nauseating, frivolous, hedonistic lifestyle,
Leo Laporte treats his audience with complete contempt,
disregarding the simple fact that those people are his advertisers' customers.

His unprofessional behavior has earned Leo Laporte the outraged contempt from countless members
of his audience over the years. In one of his more common and blatantly self-delusionary acts,
he actually tries to con people into believing that all those who criticize him are "the same person".

He and his loathsome, greedy, gold-digging, home-wrecking, #nympho mistress
are quick to silence all those that expose them for what they truly are.
Well, it's far easier for them to do that than it is to actually change their disgraceful behavior.

So, for the latest news on this aging, abusive scumbag, just search Twitter for "Leo Laporte Pervert"!